why buy local flowers?

Support Maryland Flower Growers

Did you know that local flowers can last up to three times longer than imported flowers?

Over 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are imported -- grown thousands of miles away. Shipping flowers internationally leaves an enormous carbon footprint when you consider the transportation, energy, refrigeration, and storage needs. Imported flowers are typically cut a week or more before they make it to the final customer.

On the other hand, locally-grown flowers are cut just days before (sometimes even the same day) as they arrive in the customer's hands. Extended shelf life is just one benefit of local flowers, though. They're also fresher which means they have brighter colors, stronger scents, and better form.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Flowers

Perhaps the best benefit of buying local flowers, is supporting the local economy. As a Maryland cut flower farm, we work with local florists, flower designers, and people in the community. Supporting those businesses is supporting our businesses and strengthening the local community. 

Another benefit of buying local is that you can visit the farmers, growers, and designers who produce the flowers and arrangements that you buy. At Cut Flowers by Clear Ridge, we're committed to sustainable agricultural practices. Our experience growing flowers is complemented by our long history of growing native trees and ornamental plants at our farm, Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. For more than two decades, our family has built a reputation in the community as a high quality supplier of plant material. We're also known for our excellent customer service.

Want to Learn More?

If you're interested in buying local flowers from Cut Flowers by Clear Ridge, give us a call at 410-775-7700 or email us at cutflowersbyclearridge@gmail.com.

You can also find other Maryland flower growers through the Maryland Cut Flower Association. Visit marylandgrownflowers.com.